Dr Maris G Ramsay DO

Born in Brooklyn, NY, I received a Bachelor of DrRamsayScience Degree from Wilkes University and studied medicine at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. My postgraduate training was done in the U.S. Navy, with an honorable discharge 1986 as a Lieutenant Commander. I have owned and operated my own family practice since 1991, with a focus on maintaining the best individual quality care for each and every patient while incorporating modern technology and techniques. I am married with two grown children and one lovely grandchild. My pastimes include endurance horse racing, playing with my favorite poodle and reading.

Linda Scarbrough – Certified Medical Assistant

LindaI was born in Alabama in 1944, but moved to Winter Garden when I was 1 1/2 years old, almost a native.  I have lived in my little town for most of my life.  I am married, and have been, for more than 50 years.  I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  I love sports, dancing, cooking, and spoiling the people I love.  I have been working as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Ramsay since 1994.  I think sometimes we can read each other’s minds.


Marianne Myers – Receptionist

MarianneI am the Receptionist/Scheduler, and it is probably my voice you hear when you call the office, as we don’t use voice mail when the office is open.  I have been working for Dr. Ramsay since April of 2010, but I have known her for about 20 years.  I was born in buffalo, NY and moved to Orlando when I was 5 years old.  I have one child, a 28 year old son.  I love working with people, being with my friends and socializing.  I also love swimming, reading, dancing, and listening to live music.


Chaveeta Motie – Medical Assistant

ChaveetaI studied to be a medical assistant at the Sanford Brown Institute, from which I graduated in February of 2013. I started working with Dr. Ramsay the same year, and have been thankful for the opportunity to join the practice. I love being in this office because I get to get to know so many interesting patients and I learn new medical techniques all the time. I enjoy traveling, socializing, and spending time on the beach. When I’m not spending time with my friends, you can find me with my dog and cat, who I smother with love.

Makayla Myers – Billing Specialist

MakaylaI joined the office in November, 2014, to be the new Medical Billing Specialist. I currently have my associates degree in Criminal Justice and my certification in Medical Billing and Coding, which I received in 2013. I moved to Florida from Kansas City, Missouri, with my son, and am happy to have found a new family with this great office! In my free time, I love to watch sports, play with my son and go to the park with my two dogs.


Sarie – Therapy Animal

Sarie2Hi.  I can’t speak for myself, but I am Sarie Poodle.  I just turned 8 years old, and am a certified therapy dog.  Dr. Ramsay brings me to work every day, and to the Nursing Homes twice a week.  I love it!  I’m great with kids of all ages and am trained to be calm and quiet. I try my best not to bark in the office, but when my favorite people visit I sometimes can’t help myself.  My favorite things are squeaky toys, chicken jerky, and being scratched behind my ears. Sometimes, if it’s not too busy, Dr. Ramsay lets the kids run around with me, which is fun too, but I lay down quietly when she is working. Please come visit me, and could you bring me chicken jerky?


Dr. Ramsay acts as an instructor for different medical schools and colleges throughout the country. At any given time different medical, physician assistant and nurse practitioner students will be present at the office as they complete their rotation. Please feel free to inquire about any students who may be present.